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TC3250 Tire Changer Guide

April 24th, 2008 · No Comments

Grows With Your Service Profile! Exclusive Features Speed Operation, Protect Wheels, Tires and Operator… The Hunter TC3250 can handle the tough combinations of today’s custom rims and performance tires. Exclusive Euro-Style features speed operation, allow safe and efficient handling of wheel and tire assemblies and provide extra measures to protect the operator. 1. Floating 3-point Articulated Mounting Arm s Faster and easier to use than any other design. s Unlike conventional rim-clamp mounting arms, there is no swing-arm obstruction when servicing extremely wide wheels and tiress.

No need to adjust the arm away from the wheel; the head follows the rim without damage even if the wheel is clamped off center. s Exclusive polymer mount/demount head* removes the potential of steel-head contact damage. Rides closer than steel head designs; reduces stress to tire and rim on low-profile tires. s Optional Mechanical Bead Pusher is great for handling stiff, low-profile tires.** Spring-Loaded Wheel Centering Support s “Lifts” tire to assist the operator upon release. Helps prevent back injuries. s Work surface remains at consistent height regardless of rim width. 3. Exclusive “Tulip” Wheel Clamping System 3 s Rubber-pad tulip clamping exerts uniform clamping strength – eliminates spinning and scoring damage to wheels. s Soft-grip clamping virtually eliminates alloy wheel damage inherent in steel-jaw/table-type or centerpost changers. s Eliminates potential “launch pad” effect that’s common to traditional table-top designs in the event of tire failure. s Easily adjusts for internal or external clamping of wheels up to 22″ (optional kit extends clamping diameter to 26″). Polymer mount/demount head is a wearing component designed to protect tire and rim. ** Standard feature on TC3250-HP and TC3250-PLUS models. TC3500 Tire Changer

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