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2005-07 Suzuki SV1000 Installation & Operation Manual

June 3rd, 2008 · No Comments

Thank you for purchasing a genuine Two Brothers Racing JUICE BOX™. This product represents a radical step forward in tuning fuel-injected motorcycles and ATVs for optimal performance using “load-based” technology. We at Two Brothers Racing hope that you will find this development as exciting and useful as we do. And remember: Proper Fuel = Maximum Power!

1. Make sure the vehicle is completely cool before starting the installation. Also, make sure the vehicle is secure and will not roll around.
2. Remove side panel screws, side panels.
3. Remove seat mount hardware, seat.
4. Remove front tank mount hardware, lift and support tank.
5. Locate JUICE BOX™ in the tail section.
6. Route the harness down the RH frame. connect ground to the negative post of the battery.
7. Route harness over rear cylinder head and down the left side of the throttle body.
8. Locate the throttle body harness connector, it’s between the LH frame and airbox. Reach in through the LH frame opening, find and disconnect. Pull the JUICE BOX™ harness connector out through the frame opening.
9. Connect the JUICE BOX™ harness to the throttle body harness. Connect the JUICE BOX™ harness to the main harness. Place a screwdriver on the back of the connector (Fig 7) to hold it. Reach in through the frame opening and connect the JUICE BOX™
10. Start the bike. The green LED should scroll left to right and back for about 3-5 seconds and then go to 1-2 steady or slowly flashing green LED’s. If the number 1 green LED and number 8 red LED’s continue flashing after startup or idling, an injector wiring error is indicated. Re-check the wires from the JUICE BOX™ and make sure they are connected to the proper wire of your bike’s stock harness. MAKE SURE you have the correct wires selected in the stock harness. DO NOT PROCEED UNLESS ABOVE CONDITIONS ARE MET.

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