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MKIII 2.0 Golf/Jetta Rear Disk Brake DIY

June 9th, 2008 · No Comments

Basic Rules, clean brake fluid up with cold water. Keep all fluids, water, dirt, and oil out of the brake system (except for clean brake fluid). Keep all and any grease off pads, shoes, and rotor brake surfaces. If pads become contaminated with grease or oil, throw them out and buy new ones. If rotors become oily, clean them with brake clean, or hot soapy water.

Pretty easy, you need rear brakes. This DIY will help you take them apart, clean, and install new pads, rotors, and bearings. For the most part the same rules and tools apply as a front brake job. However, it is absolutely necessary to have a seal driver set, and a disk brake real caliper retractor tool.

I strongly suggest that if you have never done a brake job, do the fronts fist. Or at least read up on that DIY. Before you do this make sure the parking brake works 100% if it does NOT your calipers may be frozen (stuck) and this job is hard and pointless!!!

Get MKIII 2.0 Golf/Jetta Rear Disk Brake DIY

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