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Volkswagen MKIII Parking Brake (Disk) Cable Replacement

June 13th, 2008 · No Comments

Why do this?
Simple, its below freezing one night, and then the next morning you go to move your car, and now its stuck… Or you yank as hard as you can, and engage the parking brake, then when you release it, your car won’t move.

What happens?
Water migrates into the cables, and freezes and rusts over time. It seems the average life of a set of cables is 3-4 years. Part of the issue is a basic design flaw (yea, I said it) in how the cables are routed. A small rubber boot covers the cable at the rear, near the calipers. The if the boot gets cracked, torn, or dry-rots water can enter the cable as its kicked up by wheel splash. The water then gets trapped in the cable and sits and rusts. When it gets below freezing, well, of course it freezes. The drum brake setup does not have this rubber boot, and does not have this issue. HERE is a video of what happens when the cables get stuck, note the slack on the handle (do not make fun of my brake handle!!! Its far cooler than yours!!

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