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Toyota Camry Charging System pdf

June 10th, 2008 · No Comments

The generator is a small, high speed, high performance type with an voltage regulator incorporat– ed. The voltage regulator uses integrated circuits and controls the voltage produced by the generator.

1. Check that the battery cables are connected to the correct terminals.
2. Disconnect the battery cables when the battery is given a quick charge.
3. Do not perform tests with a high voltage insulation resistance tester.
4. Never disconnect the battery while the engine is running.

When the ignition switch is turned ON, current from the battery flows from terminal L of the generator through the voltage regulator to terminal E, causing the discharge warning light to light up.

Then when the engine is started, the voltage output increases as the generator rpm increases. When the voltage output becomes greater than the battery voltage, current for recharging flows from terminal B. Simultaneously, voltage at terminal L increases and the potential difference between battery and terminal L disappears, causing the discharge warning light to go off. When the voltage output exceeds the regulator adjustment voltage, the transistor inside the voltage regulator regulates the voltage so that the voltage from the generator remains constant.

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