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Replace your Brake Pads & Shoes with Genuine Mazda Parts

June 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

Genuine Mazda Parts and Value Products by Mazda brakes are designed to perform best for specific Mazda models, and are constantly updated to ensure that they’re the highest quality brakes available. The chart below illustrates some of the significant differences between Genuine Mazda brakes, Value Products by Mazda brakes, and after market brakes.

Engineered and tested for specific Mazda vehicles Achieve the best balance between brake noise, lining and drum/rotor life Utilize highly engineered shims, slots, and chamfers, reducing noise and increasing quality Utilize premium formulations selected by Mazda Meet federal motor vehicle safety standards Friction formulas not subject to federal regulations “Reverse engineered” for a broad range of vehicles Limited use of shims, slots and chamfers Durability and testing varies widely.

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