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FD Transmission Rebuild: Parts Inspection

June 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

Now that everything is disassembled, cleaned, and bagged in labeled Zip-Locs, it’s time to decide what to replace. Warning: I’m not a transmission specialist – I’m only telling you how I interpreted this. If anyone with more experience can comment on my methods, I would be happy to update this. Carefully inspect all gears and the main drive gear. Check the inside faces for signs of wear or light pits, especially if the bearing that was removed had any wear. Inspect the bearing face on the drive gear at each end.

I did not perform this inspection because I didn’t have the appropriate v-blocks and dial indicator setup. If you have access to a machine shop with these tools, you might as well do it. I simply did visual inspection of the bearing surfaces on the shaft.

I’m honestly not sure what this measures. All of the gears have a roller bearing between the gear and shaft that is much thicker than .003”, and measuring the ID with the bearing in place doesn’t sound easy to do. I don’t think the inside tips of my dial calipers would get a good reading. Maybe a transmission guru could explain this one. I just relied on visual inspection of the bearings and gears instead.

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