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Operation – Magneti Marelli IAW

June 27th, 2008 · No Comments

The Multi-Tester plus/pro software cassette is the component that gives the diagnostic equipment its unique test characteristics: All data required to make the test system operate are stored on the software cassette. The software cassette can be easily replaced enabling the Multi-Tester plus/pro to be rapidly adapted to the trouble-shooting job at hand. These Trouble-Shooting Instructions describe how to use the equipment on Magneti Marelli – Weber fuel injection systems type IAW. Multi-Tester plus/pro checks all input and output signals that have bearing on the control system and can also diagnose a faulty control unit.

The Magneti Marelli-Weber IAW is a fuel injection and ignition control system. The control system evaluates signals from different sensors and adjusts fuel metering and ignition accordingly. The IAW is a multi-point system with separate injectors for each cylinder, these are controlled sequentially.

Note: in order to increase the pressure in the fuel system the pump relay is activated for a specific period after the ignition is switched on. This period varies between systems and car models. If the period is very long, the Multi-Tester plus/pro may indicate an error in a static test of the pump relay signal even if it is correct.

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