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June 27th, 2008 · No Comments

To get the most from your PowerCard, it is important to recognize the difference between “load,” and throttle position/RPM. For example, put your motorcycle in first gear and hold the throttle wide-open, then do the same thing in fifth. Notice how the rate of RPM change is much faster in first gear than in fifth. This is because the load in fifth gear is much higher. Any given combination of throttle position and RPM can be associated with vastly different loads. PowerCard recognizes this, and uses proprietary algorithms to apply the right amount of additional fuel in the right circumstance. The PowerCard technology is unique because it is load based and does not rely solely on throttle position and RPM; it determines load based on the output from the factory programmed ECU, which has had thousands of hours of development and uses many sensors. Once the PowerCard “knows the load”, you can adjust it to provide the extra fuel needed to get maximum performance from your modifications.

What PowerCard Does
PowerCard adds fuel. When you modify your intake/engine/exhaust, the stock engine management may not be able to handle the fueling requirements of increased air flow. PowerCard gives you control of additional “cruise” or low load (green), transition (yellow) and high load (red) fuel, and the transition points between these modes, in order to get the most out of your engine modifications. In carburetor terms, think of these as idle, accelerator pump and main jet circuits.

What PowerCard Does Not Do
PowerCard cannot delete fuel. If you are having idle problems with oversize injectors, PowerCard cannot fix this problem. Also, once an injector reaches 100 percent duty cycle, it will not be possible for PowerCard to add any more fuel. You will need to either increase fuel pressure, or move to larger injectors.

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