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June 29th, 2008 · No Comments

Through a strange turn of events, the new generation of the Liberty is based on the Dodge Nitro, which rests on a modified platform of the previous generation of the Liberty. The new Jeep is now a more imposing vehicle but still smaller than the Nitro. For the time being, the only available engine is a 3.7-litre V6. The Liberty is offered as a four-wheel drive in Sport, North Edition and Limited trims. Interior and cargo area

Since the top edge of the roof is low, people of average height or more must bend quite far over to get inside. The doorsills are wide, and it is easy to get dirty on the way in and out. The seats are very comfortable, though some people may find them a bit firm. There is no adjustable lumbar support, and side support is average. The seat levers are hard to reach when the door is closed. The driving position would be better, especially for people of or above average height, if the seat could be lowered more. Headroom for tall individuals is good, but legroom is not all that generous. And with the manual transmission, there is even less room for the driver to slide their right foot over after releasing the clutch pedal. The passenger-side seatback folds down to make room for long items.

The rear bench can seat just two; the transmission tunnel, with its cup holders, takes up all the foot room in the middle. Seating comfort is good, and each section of the 60/40-split seatback reclines to several different angles. The seatback folds flat to the floor. Headroom and legroom are adequate.

Cargo capacity is average when the rear seatback is up and really becomes interesting when it is folded. The tailgate does not lift high enough to clear the head of a tall person. There are no anchor points for a vertical net.


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