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Split-Type, Heat Pump Air Conditioners Service Manual

June 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Cautions for units utilising refrigerant R410A
In case of using the existing pipes for R22, be careful with the followings.
- Be sure to perform replacement operation before test run.
- Avoid using thin pipes

Make sure that the inside and outside of refrigerant piping is clean and it has no contamination such as sulfur hazardous for use, oxides, dirt, shaving particles, etc. In addition, use pipes with specified thickness.

Store the piping to be used during installation indoors and keep both ends of the piping sealed until just before brazing. (Leave elbow joints, etc. in their packaging.)

Use ester oil, ether oil or alkylbenzene oil (small amount) as the refrigerant oil applied to flares and flange connections.

Cautions for service
(1) Perform service after collecting the refrigerant left in unit completely.
(2) Do not release refrigerant in the air.
(3) After completing service, charge the cycle with specified amount of refrigerant.
(4) When performing service, install a filter drier simultaneously.
Be sure to use a filter drier for new refrigerant.

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