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MSD Enhancer Ignition for the Honda TRX400EX

June 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Spark Output: The Enhancer Ignition System for the Honda 400EX produces a high output spark that is approximately double the stock spark output. This increased spark energy allows the use of richer fuel mixtures or even exotic fuel such as alcohol. The MSD Ignition will put out approximately 30,000 volts to the spark plug.

Spark Plugs: With the MSD Enhancer, it is recommended to use as cold a spark plug as possible while still being able to start the engine easily. The spark plug gap will largely depend on the compression of the engine. The higher the compression the smaller the plug gap you must run. A good rule of thumb for the spark plug gap is between .032” and .036”. Taking the time to test with different gaps will give you the best gap for your application.

MSD Coil and Spark Plug Wires: The MSD Coil features low resistance (0.2 Ohms Primary, 2K Ohms Secondary) with a turns ratio of 70:1 for maximum spark voltage and energy. The 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wires are very low resistance (less than 50 Ohms per foot) for maximum voltage carrying capabilites. Even with this low resistance, the wire still suppresses EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) from disrupting the electronics of the ignition. This is the only wire recommended to be used with the MSD Enhancer Ignition System.

Adjustable Ignition Timing Curve: The MSD Enhancer Ignition system allows you to program an ignition timing curve. Changes in altitude, compression, fuel octane or a number of other variables requires that the ignition timing be compensated. The Enhancer allows you to advance or retard the initial timing as well as designate a different timing curve to increase overall power and performance.

Holeshot Feature: The MSD Enhancer Ignition has a special built-in circuit that sets a low rpm limit. This rpm limit produces consistent and quick starts. This allows you to concentrate on the start of the race instead of throttle position.

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