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Ford SuperDuty Front Box Kit Installation Instructions

July 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

1. Park and secure the vehicle on a level hard surface. Block the rear tires to avoid accidental movement.
2. Remove the track rod bolt on the driver side at the frame mount. This is a solid bar that runs from the axle on the passenger side (PS) to the frame on the driver side (DS).
3. Raise the front of the vehicle so the axle is hanging freely and the tires are just off the ground. Support the vehicle with jack stands under the frame rail about 3” behind the front spring.
4. Remove the tires and wheels.
5. Remove the original shocks and retain hardware for later use.
6. Remove the front sway bar links on both sides. Retain OE 12mm bolts to be used later.
7. 2001 models & newer only: Remove the crossmember that runs between the frame rails right behind the lower valence of the front bumper and retain factory hardware. (Fig. 1)
8. 2001 models & newer only: Remove the side bumper support braces and retain factory hardware. (Fig. 2)
9. Place a floor jack under the axle to support it. Remove the spring u-bolts.
10. Remove the leaf spring eye bolts. You will need to remove the AC condenser mount brackets that are directly next to the front spring eye bolts in order to gain clearance.

Note: The OE nuts were attached using loctite. To aid in removal, heat the nuts. Keep a fire extinguisher handy whenever using an open flame. Lower the axle and remove the original spring. CAUTION: Do not over extend the brake lines. (Fig. 3)

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