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2001-2007 Chevy/GMC 2500 HD 4wd 6″ Suspension System Installation Instructions

July 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

1. Park the vehicle on a clean, level surface and block the rear wheels for safety.
2. Safely raise the front of vehicle and support with jack stands for safety.
3. Remove the wheels.
4. Measure and record the length of the exposed thread on the torsion bar adjusting bolts for later reference.
DRV__________ PASS__________
5. Remove the torsion bar assembly.
CAUTION: The torsion bar is under extreme pressure. Use the correct unloading tool to remove the pressure on the torsion bars before attempting to remove the assembly. A J36202 or equivalent torsion bar unloading tool must be used. Be sure to follow the OE manual and the torsion bar unloading tool literature as to how to unload the torsion bars.
6. Unload the torsion bars, but do not remove.
7. Mark the unloaded torsion bars to indicate passenger’s and driver’s side. Mark both of the torsion bars to indicate the front verses the rear for later installation. Also mark the torsion bars relative to the control arms at the front to note indexing. Mark the rear of the bars relative to the adjusting arms to indicate indexing.
8. Drive the torsion bars forward using a maul or an air hammer through the access hole in the back of the torsion bar crossmember. Note: This will allow the torsion bar adjusters to drop free.
9. Remove the bolts holding the torsion bar crossmember to the frame. Retain these fasteners with the crossmember after removal. Remove the crossmember. Note: It may be necessary to remove a portion of the exhaust system on some vehicles in order to complete this operation.
10. Remove the torsion bars by pulling them toward the rear of the vehicle.
11. Remove the front OE differential skid plate and front splash shield from the vehicle. These will not be reused.

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