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Ford F-100/F-150 & Bronco Front Box Kit Installation Instructions

July 27th, 2008 · No Comments

1. Park vehicle on clean, flat, and level surface. Block the rear wheels for safety.
2. Lift front of vehicle with hydraulic jack. Secure frame rails with jack stands. If installing optional long radius arms, make sure there will be clearance for brackets.
3. Remove wheels
4. Disconnect the anti-sway bar (if equipped) from the frame, retain hardware. (Fig 1)
5. Disconnect steering linkage from pitman arm, retain nut. (Fig 2)
6. Remove pitman arm from sector shaft with appropriate puller.
7. Install new pitman arm with OE hardware. Tighten nut to factory specifications.
8. Remove radius arm nut and bushing, retain bushings and nut. (Fig 3)
9. Place a hydraulic jack under the radius arm bracket. Remove OEM rivets and bolts that attach the bracket to frame rail, discard hardware. Lower jack and move to radius arm at axle mount, under the coil. (Fig 4)
10. Support the axle with a hydraulic jack under the coil spring. Remove shocks and lower the axle until there is no load on the coil. The upper shock bushings will not be reused when the kit is installed with BDS replacement shocks. They can be removed with a punch / chisel and hammer.

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