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Coil Spring Installation Instructions

July 29th, 2008 · No Comments

1. Place floor jack under the outer ends of both axle halves and evenly raise the vehicle approximately one foot. Place floor jacks under the frame rails approximately 4″ behind the radius arm brackets. Ease the vehicle down on to the stands. Continue to lower the vehicle until there is little pressure on the coil springs.
2. Remove the tires.
3. If replacement shocks will be installed, then remove the existing shocks. If the existing shocks are to be reused, then only unbolt the bottom of the shocks.
4. Perform the coil spring replacement one side at a time. Warning: During the entire installation do not allow the brake line to be pulled taught. Remove the lower retaining nut and washer. Ease the axle down and away from the coil. MID SIZE- Unscrew the upper coil end to remove the coil. FULL SIZE- Remove the upper coil spring retaining clip to remove the spring.
5. Install the BDS Coil. Be sure to center the spring before tightening the lower retaining washer/nut.
MID SIZE- The spring tower prongs will have to be re-formed around the top coil of the spring.
FULL SIZE- Replace the spring retaining clip.

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