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2007 Chevy Tahoe 2″ Body Lift

July 30th, 2008 · No Comments

The rear bumper that holds the towing receiver will be modified. It is recommended that the rear bumper no longer be used for towing. Save all of your hardware and plastic clips for reassembly.
1. Block wheels for safety
2. Pop the rear hatch (need to do this before disconnecting the battery)
3. Disconnect battery, remove negative first, then positive.
4. Remove skid plate, and retain hardware.
5. Disconnect fog lights (if equipped), remove clip from light assembly (Fig. )
6. Remove 6 bolts at the top of the grill indicated in (Fig. 2)
7. Remove 3 push plugs and 2 bolts indicated per wheel-well (Fig. 3)
8. Note where the plastic bumper piece is located below frame alignment hooks. Measure down 2” and mark bumper for clearance. (Fig. 4). This will be trimmed once the bumper cover is removed.
9. Flex the inner fender well out of the way and remove bolt as shown (Fig. 5) Repeat for opposite side

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