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Hyster Hypass Parts & Service System

July 31st, 2008 · No Comments

This Operator Manual is designed to step you through the tasks you need to perform using the Hyster Hypass system.

The N-Compass TM Parts & Service system is designed to run on a standard 486DX or above PC with a CD-ROM Drive, 110 Meg of free Hard Disk Space, and 24 Meg of RAM running Windows 95. Due to the large number of graphics, it is recommended that the PC have a fast video card, local bus video is recommended. This release of N-Compass TM is resolution independent. If your PC runs in 800×600 or 1024×768 256 color, you can run N-Compass TM in those resolutions. The startup screen will still appear in 640×480 but the parts pages and service pages will take advantage of the extra viewing area.

Installing the N-Compass TM Parts and Service System
1. Make sure that the Hypass Service CD is in the CD-rom drive. If the CD-rom drive is
external, make sure it is turned on.
2. In Windows 95, click Start.
3. In the Run box, type “D:\setup” (where “D” is the drive assigned to the CD).
4. Click OK.
5. Follow the installation prompts.

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