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1995 Volvo Range Brochure

July 27th, 2008 · No Comments

The main reasons why people choose a Volvo are well documented. Nowadays, the very word “Volvo” is synonymous with safety, comfort and reliability. As a result, it is now commonly accepted that Volvo sets the safety standards which others follow. Anyone who has driven a Volvo will be happy to tell you about its comfort. And you would have to travel a long way to find a motorist who stopped driving a Volvo because it was unreliable!

But there’s even more to Volvo than these qualities. It has other benefits, which you cannot truly appreciate until you become a Volvo driver yourself.

For one thing, there’s the look. Volvo has always been an individualist in terms of design, going with current car fashions only if and when they complement Volvo’s own thinking. As a result, Volvo cars have consistently looked distinctive – and in several cases, they have emerged as timeless design classics.

Then there is the choice that Volvo offers. Every model offers a full range of single options and specification packages, so the Volvo you buy can be personalised to suit your needs and lifestyle perfectly. But its greatest attraction, and one which applies most accurately to the new breed of Volvos, is its sheer driving pleasure. High performance engines work in harmony with intelligent suspension and superb roadholding, to deliver a ride that is pure enjoyment, for mile after mile.

The latest 1995 range of Volvo cars carry all these virtues to a new, high level. Take one for a test drive today – and we believe you’ll agree.

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