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Flyin’ Miata II turbo installation Instructions for 1.8L Miatas

August 15th, 2008 · No Comments

Thank you for purchasing the Flyin’ Miata II turbo system. We regard the installation as a mutual project and will be pleased to offer help at any time. We remain committed to make this a successful and enjoyable experience for all concerned. These instructions will offer the installer a guide for the installation and operation of the Flyin’ Miata turbocharger system for the 1.8 liter Mazda Miata.

Please read through these directions entirely. Evaluate your own skills honestly and decide whether this installation is something that you are comfortable doing. Realize that you are doubling the horsepower of your car and the consequences of improper installation could destroy your engine. To install this kit safely, you must have a firm grasp of how cars work. Proper tool use is critical. We are more than willing to help anyone install these kits, but you must be honest with yourself with respect to your skill level before you jump into the deep end.

The success of this installation will be determined by a variety of factors. These instructions should be adhered to unless reasonable cause for deviation exists. The vehicle must be in excellent condition and proper tune prior to starting the installation. Care and attention to detail by the installer are of extreme importance. The daily operator of the vehicle must observe all operational guidelines.

Inventory all the components when the kit arrives. We strive to ensure all the components are included in the kit, but if a part is left out you will want to know it before you are looking for it during the installation.

Get pdf Flyin’ Miata II turbo installation Instructions for 1.8L Miatas

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