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2001 VW Golf TDI Gauge Installation

August 14th, 2008 · No Comments

This page describes my aftermarket gauge install on my 2001 VW Golf TDI. It should directly apply to any Mk4 (99.5+) Golf or Jetta TDI and it should apply to the 98+ New Beetle TDIs. For other engines, wiring should be similar, but the installation of senders into the engine will be different. The intention of this page is to share information about my install and to help others who are considering an install. I tried to photograph everything important. Shoot me an email if you can think of a photo that you’d like to see that I haven’t included. In fact, any comments are welcome.

Anything you do to your own car is AT YOUR OWN RISK! I deny any responsibility or liability for anything that you may do to your car. I’m not a professional mechanic, I just like tinkering with my car. Don’t do any of this if you aren’t comfortable with modifying your engine and be prepared to deal with the consequences if you screw something up. On that happy note, on with the show!
If you intend to use this document as a guide, READ THE WHOLE THING FIRST. Required tools and procedures are sprinkled throughout, so make sure that you have all required tools beforehand, AND that you are comfortable with every required procedure.
Any time I mention a special tool or part that I used, I’ve included it in bold font. I assume that you have access to normal tools: screwdrivers, ratchet set, wrenches, etc. And, of course, a set of Torx drivers, which you should already have if you’ve done more than the most basic maintenance on your VW. The T-20 driver is essential for this work.
I installed 4 VDO Vision gauges: electrical voltmeter (VDO part # 332-103), 80 PSI oil pressure (350-104), and 300*F oil temperature (310-106), and mechanical 30 PSI boost (150-104). The voltmeter and two oil gauges are installed in the cubbyhole area between the radio and the cupholder, and the boost gauge is in a pod mounted on the dash near the A-pillar. If you want to use an A-pillar mount, the wiring part should be pretty similar.
There’s two parts of this job: exterior and interior. The exterior consists of installing senders into the engine and routing wires and tubing into the engine compartment. The interior consists of routing the wires from the engine compartment to where they need to go, making electrical connections, and installing the physical gauges themselves. The exterior work in the engine bay should be done first.

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