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A3/B4 clockspring R&R HOWTO

August 12th, 2008 · No Comments

I decided to start taking pictures only after having the clockspring fully disassembled, as in picture 2, so now I have to play them backwards :-) I do not go into details on removing the airbag or the steering wheel, as there is plenty of material describing these steps. We start with the steering wheel off the car and the airbag disconnected and removed, as shown in picture 1. If you look at pic1, you will see three Phillips head screws and a soldered back and isolated cut in the horn wire, going down to the horn slip ring on the other side. To separate the clockspring assembly from the steering wheel you have to remove those three Phillips screws and either disconnect the horn wire connector, or just cut the wire right now. This will come in handy later, when you will want to separate the slip ring carrier from the assembly.

To unlatch the slip ring carrier you have to gently pry on the three prongs located inside the central hole of the clockspring assembly. Working on at least two prongs simultaneously helps a lot here. Do not be afraid, the clockspring enclosure will not open yet.

Now comes the fun. We are finally going to have a look inside the assembly. The only remaining part holding both sides together is the lock pin.

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