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The V 12 TDI for the 24h of Le Mans – Victory of an Idea

August 15th, 2008 · No Comments

Fore more than 50 years there were several attempts to win the hardest endurance race of the world with a Diesel engine. AUDI who has pioneered the introduction of the first direct injection passenger engine TDI has developed an innovative powerplant for his purpose. With the first run at last years 24h race a historical victory was achieved. The new engine shows a very low weight, a very compact design and a new type of particulate filter system. In combination with a sophisticated combustion process and an extreme high injection pressure a remarkable power output along with low consumption and very low emissions are guaranteed in the race. AUDI shows again its philosophy of customer orientated motorsport by developing and testing new technologies convincingly on the racetrack, before they will introduced in road cars.

The 24 hours of the Le Mans Race are truly unique. This has been already in 1923 when the race took place for the very first time and this hasn’t changed even up to the present day. However the character of the race has changed dramatically during the last 83 years.
Starting with the idea of holding an endurance race for driver, car and crew with occasional stops for repairs, the race has turned into a 24-hour sprint race. During the 24 hours the winning R 10 TDI® stood for only 30 minutes in the pit, including 27 stops for refuelling, change of tyres, drivers and a gearbox cluster!

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