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Installation of an OilGuard Bypass filter on an A3 TDI

August 17th, 2008 · No Comments

The filter is very compact and uses a one-micron filter element. The quality of the filter is top notch and mounts in the TDI very easily. The nice thing about this installation is it allows you to service the filter without having to get on your back or remove anything! I feel that for the TDI that this is the best bang for the buck. It cost’s a bit more than other bypass filters but provides the same level of filtration and the replacement filters are 1/4 of the cost and includes new o-rings and a filter element.

I made two brackets out of steel bar that I bought from a local hardware store. It is about the same thickness as the bracket that comes with the filter. I bent a tab about 1.5 inches in length and drilled a hole the same size as the bolts that are in the filter bracket (Figure 1). I then drilled three holes in each of the brackets and drilled and riveted them into the sheet metal on the grill of the car. Be careful to move the wiring underneath when you drill or you WILL drill into the wires. Use rivets or a few small bolts and nuts if you wish just secure it firmly (Figure 2). Now secure the filter to the brackets using two bolts and nylon lock nuts to make sure the filter does not vibrate loose.

Locate the oil filter/oil cooler mount…note the Allen screw on the left that is where we are going to tap into the oil supply (Figure 3). Get an Allen socket and unscrew the Allen nut on the oil filter mount. Remove the nut; no oil should spill since there is no pressure.

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