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Alpine NVE-N852A DVD Car Navigation System Guide for Installation and Connections

August 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

Mounting the ECU
Find a suitable location for the ECU. Avoid any moving parts, places where moisture can arise, or locations near extreme heat. Locations such as under the front seats, or hanging from the rear package tray work the best.
Caution: The ECU must be mounted horizontal (less than 5). The gyro sensor is mounted inside the ECU and will not work properly when the unit is mounted on it’s side. Keep this in mind when choosing a mounting location.

Mounting the GPS antenna
The GPS antenna needs to be mounted in a location that is the most “visible” to the GPS satellites. Ideally, mounting the antenna on the top of the roof or on the trunk lid would be the best location. The GPS antenna typically can receive the needed signals when mounted inside of the vehicle, but some precautions must be taken to insure proper performance. First, try and mount the system in a location in the vehicle that allows for the best line-of-site performance. Locations such as the rear package tray or front dash work the best. Secure the antenna with double sided tape or silicone.

Carefully route the antenna cable and connect it to the ECU. The cable is matched to its length, so do not shorten or extend. Avoid making sharp bends in the cable. Wind excess cable into large loops.

Cautions: Care should be taken in finding the proper mounting location. Do not mount under any metal surface. Some window tinting material, with high metal content like tintanium, can reduce the GPS antenna’s reception. Also, some newer vehicles incorporate special heat resistant glass, Oldsmobile Aurora as an example, and will cause GPS reception problems. For these types of situations, it is best to install the GPS on the roof or the rear trunk lid, use a small amount of silicone or some double stick tape applied to the bottom of the antenna. This will prevent the magnetic base from moving and possibly scratching the paint on the vehicle.

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