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2000 Honda Odyssey Owners Manual

August 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

This section gives information about the controls and displays that contribute to the daily operation of your Honda. All the essential controls are within easy reach

The heating and air conditioning systems in your Honda provide a comfortable driving environment in all weather conditions.

The standard audio system has many features. This section describes those features and how to use them. (If you selected an optional audio system, refer to the operating instructions that came with it.)

On EX model
Your Honda has an anti-theft audio system that requires a code number to enable it.

Before you begin driving your Honda, you should know what gasoline to use, and how to check the levels of important fluids. You also need to know how to properly store luggage or packages. The information in this section will help you. If you plan to add any accessories to your vehicle, please read the information in this section first.

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