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Basic DC Electronics

September 8th, 2008 · No Comments

What are: Voltage, Current, and Resistance?
Voltage (letter symbol: V; unit of measure: volts), Current (letter symbol: I; unit of measure: amps), and Resistance (letter symbol: R; unit of measure: ohms ) are the 3 most fundamental principals in electronics. To understand how these 3 principals relate together, lets look at an everyday garden item, a water hose. Everything needed to understand these 3 basics of electronics can be seen in a simple garden hose. (This concept is so strong that medical researchers use voltage, current, and resistance to describe blood movement through blood vessels; very similar to the garden hose concept.

Resistance: To understand current, we must first look at resistance. The technical definition of resistance is simply the opposition to the flow of electrons in an electric circuit. The garden hose definition is two fold: the first resistance would be the diameter and length of the garden hose. A large diameter garden hose will offer low resistance and allow the water to flow easily. A second resistance of a garden hose would be a sprayer or sprinkler attached to the end of the water hose. The sprayer or sprinkler would restrict the flow of water out of the end of the garden hose. Remember, voltage is the potential difference between two points. Restricting the flow of water would restrict the flow of water between the two ends of a garden hose. Every item or component in an electric circuit will have resistance, even the wires that connect the components of the circuit has a small resistance. The great physicist Albert Einstein developed the Law of Conservation. What The Law of Conservation stated was that NO energy can ever be mysteriously lost. ALL energy MUST be accounted for.

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