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H2 Hummer Roof Rack Assembly/Mounting Instructions (6 Foot)

September 4th, 2008 · No Comments

1) Before beginning assembly/installation, please check to make sure you have received all of the contents as listed above.
2) Lay the roof rack halves upside down on a level, non-marking/non-scratching surface and align. Join the two halves together using the provided 5/16” X 18 X 1_ ” stainless hex bolts and Nylock nuts (7 each). Tighten securely. Before installing the Nylock nuts, lubricate the bolt threads with grease or a similar anti-seize lubricant.
3) With the rack still upside down, install the 3/8” X 16 X _” stainless hex bolt /stainless washers (18 each) up through the rack and into Oval Bar T-Nuts (18). Tighten bolts one turn only. Slide the Oval Bars onto the T-Nuts, centering Oval Bars under rack. Snug all bolts.
4) Adjust the position of the six (6) factory attached Rack Brackets so that they are positioned approximately 5/8” from each end of the Oval Bars. Remove existing Hummer H2 top bars (refer to Hummer Owners Manual for removal instructions).
5) Place the assembled roof rack on vehicle located on the existing roof channels.
6) Place a Rack Bracket T-Nut (12) into the slot of the existing roof channel adjacent to each end of the Rack Brackets. The chamfered side of the T-Nut must be facing down (see photo below). Slide these T-Nuts under the Rack Brackets until they are aligned with the Rack Bracket holes.
7) Install one Safety Clip per Bracket (six total) by hooking the clip under the inboard edge of the existing roof channels and pivoting it over the Rack Bracket foot to align with the bolt hole (see photo below). Attach using 3/8” X 16 X 1” stainless hex bolts (12) and 3/8” stainless washers (12). Finger tighten bolts. 8) Adjust the roof rack forward/backward to the desired location, allowing clearance for the rear hatch door opening, moon roof, On-Star® antennae etc. Center the Oval Bars and the roof rack and tighten all bolts (existing Hummer roof channel to Rack Brackets bolts; Rack Bracket to Oval Bar bolts; Oval Bar to Roof Rack bolts). Install Oval Bar End Caps using provided _” X 20 X _” Flat Socket Screw (6).

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