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H2 Hummer Spare Tire Carrier Mounting Instructions

September 5th, 2008 · No Comments

H2 Hummer Spare Tire Carrier Mounting Instructions
1. Remove both tow loops from rear bumper with 18 MM socket.
2. Remove hinge plate from packaged swing arm assembly. To aid in positioning and support of hinge plate during installation, insert one M12 X 70MM bolt into a driver’s side tow hook mounting hole. The hinge plate can now be temporarily “hung” on the bolt (head of bolt will fit through hole in hinge plate). The hinge plate should be oriented with hinge boss towards passenger’s side (see Photo 1).
3. With hinge boss toward the passenger’s side of vehicle, attach hinge plate and tow loop to passenger’s side using the two M12 X 60 MM flange head bolts provided. Snug bolts with 15 MM socket but do not tighten. See photo #1 below.
4. Mark and center punch location to drill a 7/16” diameter hole through the bumper on the driver side as shown in photo #2. Install thin grommet. Wiring for license plate light will pass through this hole.
5. Install thick grommet in 7/16” hole in striker plate assembly where license plate wiring will pass through. Remove the temporarily placed bolt and install both M12 X 70MM mounting bolts through the tow loop, striker plate and hinge plate into bumper. Do not tighten bolts until after threading wire. Thread license plate bracket wires through both installed grommets (liquid soap can be used to lubricate wires for easier assembly).
6. Mount license plate light/bracket to striker plate with two 10-32 X 3/8” button head bolts provided.
7. Snug the driver and passenger’s side bolts with striker plate in the center of its adjustment range.
8. Install the two (2) provided End Caps in the open ends of the swing arm assembly tubing using a rubber mallet. Then, install the swing arm assembly by inserting hinge pin into the hinge plate.
9. Install the 3/8”-24 X _” bolt and 2” stainless steel fender washer into bottom of hinge pin, tightening securely.

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