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T56 Tremec 6 Speed GM Short Shifter Fitting Guide

September 10th, 2008 · No Comments

Whilst the fitment of this assembly is not difficult, it should be approached with care and by a competent mechanic or automotive technician. These instructions are a guide only, and may be altered or reviewed at any time. If you find a more convenient fitment process, we would gladly like your input. This document is offered only as a guide, and no liability (direct or consequential) is implied or accepted by Harrop Engineering. We gratefully acknowledge Holden for allowing us to use the images shown below.

Raise vehicle, preferably on a “drive-on” hoist or a four post hoist. This preference is based on the fact that the transmission is very heavy and the use of a transmission jack will be required. Inside the vehicle, remove the gearshift knob by with the fingers of one hand hooked under the edge of the gearshift lever boot as shown, carefully release each of the 8 plastic retainers and free the gearshift lever boot from the console cap. NOTE: The gearshift lever knob and console boot are manufactured as a single component. Do not attempt to remove the gearshift lever knob separately to the boot.

Lift the gearshift lever boot enough to enable a firm grasp to be made on the gearshift lever with the left hand, then grasp the gearshift knob with the right. While rocking the knob sideways, with an upward force applied, dislodge the knob retaining claws from the lever. Remove the gearshift lever knob and boot assembly from the gearshift lever.

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