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F-body SuperTube 1993 installation

September 12th, 2008 · No Comments

Installation instructions for the Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) air intake system for LT1 V-8 equipped 1993 Camaros and Firebirds (#LN0040), 50 state emissions legal (E.O. D-333-15):
Included in the LPE intake system:
• LPE plastic air intake
• K&Nfilter
• plastic block-off plate
• three plastic fasteners
• 3M Dual Lock hook and loop tape (used for Firebird installations only)

Tools you will need:
• blade screwdriver
• Phillips-head screwdriver (for Firebird installations only)
• 5/16″ & 10 mm sockets and ratchet
• WD40 or similar lubricant
• drill and 5/16″ bit

• Read instructions completely before beginning installation.
• Installation should take less than one hour with the proper tools.
• As you remove the stock components, pay careful attention to how things were attached or located. In many cases, the components will be reinstalled in the same way as they were removed.
• NOTE – take care when working on this vehicle to stay clear of the electric fans – they may turn on at any time.
• Set parking brake and open hood. If you have been using the car, allow it to cool before beginning installation.
• The original plastic intake is mounted to the radiator shroud with a two piece plastic fastener. Pry the center piece out with the screwdriver and the other part of the fastener should come out easily. Save this fastener.
• Using the screwdriver, loosen the worm-gear clamp near the air filter box. It should take roughly six (6) complete turns of the screw to loosen the clamps enough (make sure that the threads are catching and loosening the clamp and not backing out the screw)

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