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LPE C5 Supercharger Kit Hood Installation Warnings/Instructions

September 14th, 2008 · No Comments

Before installing your supercharger hood, it is necessary to check the clearance of the supercharger itself and the aftermarket hood. You may have to perform some small modifications to the supercharger in order for the hood to fit correctly. All motors do not sit at the same height, depending on the motor mounts. Depending on which hood you have purchased, there can be small differences in the way that the hood will fit. On most hoods, there are two major areas that can be of risk to cracking or otherwise damaging the hood.

These places are the corner of the supercharger nearest to the throttle body and the actual bolt hole on the throttle body. These two places (shown in the picture), might need to be ground down in order for the hood not to hit these spots. On some hoods, the power steering cap has posed a problem contacting the hood before the hood has been fully closed. Take care not to slam the hood. Slamming any aftermarket hood may cause areas of the hood to contact each other that would not have contacted otherwise. To close the hood, latch in the two corners closest to the cab.

CAUTION: When replacing the hood, make sure to have a couple of people help you by holding the hood while work is being done on it and helping you lift the hood down from its stock position. When removing the hood, it is recommended to cover the corners of the hood and adjacent body panels with tape in order to not damage the paint.

Clearance can be checked on the superchargers by placing a small piece of clay on top of these two problem areas. After the clay is placed, the hood is then shut slowly, noting any extensive pressure at these two areas.

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