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Axle shaft transfer power from transaxle to driving wheels. All axle shafts consist of a shaft and flexible Constant Velocity (CV) joint at each end. Inner CV joint is splined or bolted to transaxle. Outer CV joint is splined to hub assembly and secured by axle shaft nut. The inner and outer CV joints are enclosed by a CV joint boot. The boot maintains lubrication in the joint and prevents contamination from entering the joint. Boots must be replaced when signs of leakage or cracks are present. The Inner CV joint can be repair without replacing assembly. The outer CV joint must be replace as an assembly. There are 3 different types of axle shaft CV joints. The Double Offset Joint (DOJ). The Brifield Joint (BJ) and the Tripod Joint (TJ), (sometimes referred as tripod).

NOTE: For information on rear axle shafts on Celica and Camry All-Trac and MR2, see RWD AXLE SHAFTS & CV JOINTS article in this section.
Removal (Camry)
1) Remove hub cap, cotter pin and lock nut. Loosen and remove lock nut from wheel bearing. Remove engine undercover. Remove front fender apron seal.
2) Use paint to apply mating marks to axle shaft flange and side gear shaft flange; DO NOT use punch marks. Apply the brakes and remove 6 retaining nuts on each inboard axle shaft flange.
3) Disconnect steering knuckle from lower ball joints. Drain transaxle fluid. Remove axle shafts from transaxle. On All-Trac and V6 models, DO NOT compress inboard CV joint boot or CV joint will come apart. The drive shaft retaining bolts and washers may be used to keep CV joint together. See Fig. 13.
4) On all models, use plastic hammer to drive axle shaft out of bearing hub. Loosen center drive shaft lock bolt. Remove snap ring from bearing bracket and pull out center drive shaft.
NOTE: Use NEW center drive shaft bearing lock bolt on installation

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