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1988 Toyota Celica Cluth

September 18th, 2008 · No Comments

Clutch is a single, dry disc type using a hydraulically operated master cylinder and clutch housing mounted slave cylinder. On Land Cruiser, slave cylinder is adjustable. On all others, slave cylinder is nonadjustable. Clearance is automatically compensated by internal design of cylinder.

Rotate pedal stop bolt at top of pedal assembly to adjust pedal height. To adjust free play, loosen lock nut on master cylinder push rod and turn push rod in or out to specified free play. See CLUTCH PEDAL SPECIFICATIONS TABLE. Tighten lock nut.

Land Cruiser
Clutch fork free play is distance slave cylinder push rod moves before moving clutch fork. To adjust free play, loosen lock nut at slave cylinder. Turn push rod tip while holding push rod nut with wrench. Free play should be .16-.20″ (4.0-5.0 mm). Tighten lock nut and recheck.

Removal (RWD Except MR2)
1) Disconnect battery cable. Remove air cleaner. Drain cooling system. Remove upper radiator hose. On Land Cruiser, remove cowl side trim, heater duct on transmission hump and front carpet or…

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