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1994 Toyota Celica Automatic Transmission

September 20th, 2008 · No Comments

Inspect fluid level every 15,000 miles. Under severe operating conditions, change ATF and filter every 15,000 miles or 24 months.
Check fluid with vehicle on level surface and at normal operating temperature. With engine idling, shift each gear from “P” through “L” and back to “P”. Fluid level should be in HOT range marked on dipstick. DO NOT overfill.
NOTE: If vehicle has been operated in heavy traffic, pulling a trailer or at high speeds in hot weather, wait 30 minutes before checking fluid level.

Remove filler plug. Fluid should be level with bottom edge of filler plug hole. If fluid is level with opening, install fill plug. If fluid is low, fill until fluid is level with fill plug opening. On FWD models, see DRAINING & REFILLING.

1) Remove engine undercover if necessary. Remove drain plug and drain fluid. If replacing transmission filter, remove oil pan. Thoroughly clean transmission oil pan. Install filter and pan with new gasket.
CAUTION: When removing transmission filter, note different size bolt lengths for reassembly reference.
2) Replace pan drain plug and fill transmission with approximate amount of ATF fluid. See TRANSMISSION REFILL CAPACITIES table. Start engine and shift through all gears. Shift into “P” and check fluid level. Add fluid as necessary. DO NOT overfill.

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