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Geartronics GPI-4 Suzuki Hayabusa Gear position indicator Fitting instructions

September 29th, 2008 · No Comments

The gear indicator comes configured for use with the OEM Suzuki gear position sensor, and is fitted with standard connectors to plug directly into the Suzuki wiring harness. The unit also features the so-called ‘TRE’ modification, which is designed to defeat the gear dependent mapping strategy of the Suzuki ECU. Please refer to the bottom of this document for a description of the TRE function.

A reasonably competent amateur mechanic, using only basic hand tools, should be capable of fitting the Geartronics indicator in less than 1 hour.
Step 1.
Remove the screw at each side of the seat and remove the riders seat. Remove the 2 screws in front of the fuel tank. Lift the front of the tank and support at approximately 45° to gain access behind the engine.
Step 2.
Remove all screws securing the left hand lower fairing and carefully remove the panel to expose the bike frame. Note that there are 2 different sizes of screws! Remove the single screw & clip securing the insert panel located to the left of the instrument cluster. The centre of the clip should be pushed in, allowing the outer part to be pulled out.

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