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Suzuki LTR 450 Fuelpak Fuel Management System

October 9th, 2008 · No Comments

Fuelpak maps for the LTR450 were created with a White Brothers Power Pro performance module installed. The included Power Pro unit must be used in conjunction with the Fuelpak for proper function. Failure to do so will result in poor performance and may cause engine damage.

1. Be sure that key is in the off position, then remove seat.
2. Referring to figure 1, remove (4) push pins and (1) 10mm bolt. Repeat for opposite side. Push pins that are accessible from the back can be popped out by pushing on the pin from the back side. Push pins with flanged pin heads can be gently pried up with a slotted screwdriver.
3. Remove fuel cap and tank cover. Reinstall fuel cap.
4. Clean Fuelpak mounting location with alcohol and allow to dry. Referring to figure 2, mount Fuelpak as shown with supplied Velcro. Route harness as shown, between airbox and subframe, and underneath subframe cross brace.Gently pull up and out on subframe side cover and attach harness to subframe with included zip ties. Ensure that harness is not running over black rubber strip behind airbox.
5. Remove TPS plug and install TPS T-tap to yellow wire as shown in figure 3. It may be helpful to use a slotted screwdriver to gently disengage the TPS plug lock tab. Plug purple wire into T-tap (use dielectric grease). Reinstall TPS plug.
6. Route ground wire to the left of the throttle body and in front of the fuel pump. Referring to figure 4, remove (1) 8mm bolt on fuel hose bracket, add Fuelpak ground terminal, and reinstall.

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