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2003- LATER Suzuki LTZ400 and Kawasaki KFX400 INSTRUCTION SUPPLEMENT

October 14th, 2008 · No Comments

Removing stock carburetor and cables.
1. Remove seat, front fenders and gas tank. Make sure fuel petcock is in “ON” or “RES” position. If it is in the “PRI” position it will allow fuel through it.
2. Remove throttle cable, (and housing if installing a twist kit) from throttle housing. Pay close attention to routing when removing cable as the new cables will need too be routed the same.
3. Disconnect choke cable from stock carburetor before disconnecting it from handle bar and remove.
4. Remove stock carburetor.
5. Stuff a dry, clean rag into the intake manifold to keep debris from entering engine.
6. Remove stock rear head stay from frame and head.
7. Remove plastic vent box from right side of frame along with hoses.

Installing the Edelbrock Carburetor and Throttle Cables
1. Install new rear head stay. NOTE: Start four frame bolts before inserting larger bolt through stay and cylinder head. It is recommended blue Loctite or equivalent be used on frame bolts. Tighten frame bolts first, then head bolt.
2. Install large clear hose to upper, rear pointing barb (hose comes from air boot) on plastic breather box and secure with clamps.
3. Remove the rubber carburetor alignment tabs from the manifold using a razor blade or side cutters. Be careful not to damage manifold or fingers during this procedure!!
4. Install the throttle cable into the stock throttle housing. If using a twist kit, install cables into supplied throttle housing supplied with kit and place onto clean handlebar end.
5. Remove the hex pipe plug from the carb cap using a 11mm or 7/16 wrench. Do not discard plug, as it will be needed later. Install the metering adjustment tool included in the hardware kit. Do not over-tighten as damage may occur to cap.
6. Install supplied fuel line onto carburetor and secure with pinch clamp.
7. Install supplied vacuum line onto brass carburetor vacuum fitting. See Figure 1. The vacuum fitting will have a black vinyl cap on it from the factory.

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