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Suzuki VZR1800 Oil Level Inspection And Oil Change Procedure

October 15th, 2008 · No Comments

Suzuki has received reports of overfilled engine oil at initial delivery. The VZR1800K6 uses the Suzuki Advanced Sump System (SASS). The system uses the transmission chamber as an oil tank in this semi-dry sump engine design. Following the proper oil level inspection procedure during Pre-delivery inspection and oil changes is critical to ensure the correct engine oil level. Overfilling the oil sump may cause excess oil to enter the air cleaner housing, contaminating the filter causing poor performance and possible oil leakage. Please instruct your customers in the proper method of checking and filling the oil level.

Oil Level Inspection
Warm up the engine for 15 minutes to move all oil from the crankshaft area to the sump (transmission) area. Stop the engine and wait 3 minutes. Remove and wipe the dipstick. Insert the dipstick- do not thread it in. Read the dipstick and adjust the oil level between the F and L marks as needed.

Running the engine can be done on the sidestand or upright, but the oil level must be checked with the motorcycle in the vertical position. Warm-up for less than 15 minutes will give a false low oil level reading indicating more oil should be added (overfilled). Stopping the engine for 3 minutes stabilizes the oil level. Too little time may indicate a low oil level. If the engine is left to cool, the oil level will read low and the process must be repeated.

Oil Change Procedure
Follow the Periodic Maintenance Chart in the service manual for changing the oil at the prescribed intervals. Warm-up the engine for 15 minutes to move all oil from the crank- shaft area to the sump (transmission) area. With the motorcycle in the vertical position remove both oil drain plugs, one for the engine, one for the sump (transmission)

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