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Suzuki CAT1 User Guide

October 7th, 2008 · No Comments

The Suzuki CAT1 consists of the following main components;
• Installed CAT1 main unit
• 2 x remote transmitters
• Installed protecting switch
• Installed system fuse and spare fuse
• LED system indicator

Be sure that you know:
1. Where the system fuse is, and where the spare fuse is located. If the fuse fails, the system will not allow the motorcycle to start.
2. Set your PIN override. This will enable you to disarm the system and still start your motorcycle if the remote transmitter is lost or does not function (see Section 16).

The CAT1 will monitor;
1. The motorcycle battery and associated motorcycle wiring. If the battery is disconnected or the ignition is switched on the alarm will trigger. The CAT1 also monitors the state of the motorcycle battery for ‘sleep’ purposes.
2. The ignition circuit. If the ignition is switched on while the CAT1 is protecting the system it will trigger an alarm. Also, the CAT1 Uses the ignition to enter diagnostic and service mode.
3. Nudge and movement, with a liquid filled, state-of-the-art sensor.
4. An anti-tamper switch will cause the alarm to trigger if an attempt is made to gain unauthorised access to the CAT1 system.

The CAT1 also;
1. Has a ‘fully armed’ mode (see section 1)
2. Has a ‘Convenience’ mode (see section 2)
3. Has a service/valet mode (see section 3)
4. Has a diagnostic mode (see section 4)
5. Has 14 different siren tones (see section 5)
6. Can have the audible warning of arming/disarming removed (see section 6)
7. Can activate all four indicators in a Hazard warning mode (see section 7)
8. Can be programmed to arm in ‘Full’ mode (without movement/nudge sensing) (see section 1)
9. Can be programmed to have the nudge sensing removed (see section 8)
10. Can be programmed to act as an indicator or warning system when riding the motorcycle (see section 9)
11. Will tell you if it senses excess voltage when the engine is running (see section 10)
12. Will tell you if the remote transmitter batteries are becoming discharged (see section 11)
13. Has a useful torch in the remote transmitter (see section 12)
14. Has an ignition key conversion feature in the remote transmitter (see section 13)
15. Will tell you if the alarm has triggered in your absence (see section 14)
16. Has a user-selectable PIN override number (see section 16)

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