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October 11th, 2008 · No Comments

Removing stock carburetor and cables
1. Remove seat and gas tank. Make sure fuel petcock is in “off” position.
2. Remove throttle cables and throttle housing.
3. Remove voltage regulator from left side of frame to allow carb to come out.
4. Remove stock carburetor.
5. Unplug TPS (throttle position sensor) and tape end off coming from bike.
6. Stuff a dry, clean rag into the intake manifold to keep debris from entering engine.
7. Remove engine breather lines along with plastic canister on right side of bike.

Installing the Edelbrock Carburetor and Throttle Cables
1. Install the provided throttle cables into throttle housing supplied in kit and place onto clean handle bar.
2. Remove the rubber carburetor alignment tabs from the manifold using a razor blade or sharp cutters. This should be done with the rag left in the manifold. Be very careful not to damage the manifold or your hands while doing this!!
3. Install new manifold or air boot at this time to manufacturers recommendations. NOTE: If installing onto an “S” model, you will need to reuse one of the clamps off of the stock manifold. You will reuse the clamp that holds the manifold to the head.
4. Remove the hex pipe plug from the carb cap using a 11mm or 7/16 wrench. Do not discard plug, as it will be needed later. Install the metering adjustment tool included in the hardware kit. Do not over-tighten as damage may occur to cap.
5. Install provided fuel line onto fuel inlet banjo and secure with pinch clamp.
6. If installing carb onto an “S” model, remove vacuum cap and install stock vacuum line to operate petcock. See figure 2. If vacuum line is not installed, the petcock will have too be run in the “PRIME” position.


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