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Suzuki Grand Vitara Lightbar Roof Rack Mount Installation Guide

October 14th, 2008 · No Comments

This mounting clamp will mount to your Grand Vitara’s roof rack using the supplied mounting hardware. The lightbars mounting foot will mount to the bracket. It is recommended that two people do the installation as you will need to adjust both sides of the brackets and feet once it is on the vehicle.

1. First mount the two mounting feet onto the lightbar as shown in the instructions included with the lightbar. Do not fully tighten the mounting hardware as it will need to be adjusted once it is on the vehicle. You will also need to remove the two outer rubber pads and their guide darts from both feet to accomodate the bracket.
2. Mount the supplied gaskets to both the clamp(s) and bracket(s). The gasket should be applied to the side of the bracket that comes in contact with the vehicle as shown above.
3. Mount both brackets to the roof rack as shown and secure them loosely enough so they slide back and forth so you can adjust them later. The brackets should be mounted as far forward (toward the front of the vehicle) as possible, but not past the seam on the roof rack. Also be sure that the brackets are both mounted the same distance from the front of the vehicle.
4. Now take the lightbar (with both mounting feet loosely mounted to it) and place it onto the brackets so the bolt head on the bracket goes through the hole in the mounting foot that you removed the guide darts from.
5. Adjust both the brackets and mounting feet to the desired mounting position (refer to the manual that comes with the lightbar for any warnings on positioning the lightbar) then secure the mounting feet to the lightbar.
6. Adjust the two brackets so they are in the desired mounting position and tighten the brackets mounting hardware to secure them to the roof rack. IMPORTANT: Be sure to tighten the bracket mounting hardware enough to secure the brackets firmly, but be careful not to over tighten and damage the roof rack.

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