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BMW CS1000 Fault Code Scanner Instructions

October 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Insert the OB15-9 memory cartridge into the base of the scanner. Make sure the arrow on the cartridge is facing up as it is inserted. Push the cartridge until the cartridge snaps completely. Be sure to insert the memory cartridge into the scanner before powering-up the scanner.

Refer to the diagnostic cable page of this manual to determine vehicle cable requirements. Connect the diagnostic cable specified to the scanner and to the vehicle Diagnostic Connector.

Before using the CS1000 to read the DME, perform a “PEDAL TEST” on the vehicle to determine if the On-Board computer is working properly. This is for model years 1988- 1994.

Read Fault Codes
Press the READ key to begin to read the fault codes for the system selected. The screen will begin to flash the scan symbol and will display the systemtype number or “U” code (refer to the “U” code list on page 10)

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