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Active Autowerke E46 M3 Supercharger Instructions

October 18th, 2008 · No Comments

1. Remove Front Under Panel by removing the seven 8mm hex screws
2. Remove Front bumper. On 11/01 and up models remove the four 8mm hex screws from under the car and one 8mm hex screw in the left and right fender well. Once screws are removed, (six in total) Grab bumper from each side and with a strong quick pull, the bumper should pop off. Disconnect the Fog lights and electrical connector. On 2001 models up to 10/01 there are two large reverse torx bolts that need to be removed from the bottom as well as the 6 8mm screws and then bumper will slide off. It is not necessary to pop it off
3. Remove Driver’s side brake duct and trim off bump as shown
4. Remove Back Engine Cowl by first inserting a small flat head screwdriver between the wiring harness and the cowl and pulling up. This should separate the harness from the cowl
5. Remove Air duct on top of radiator by removing the 4 plastic rivets
6. Remove Air box by removing the two 10mm bolts and loosening the clamp
7. Remove Drivers side Fan shield by removing the two plastic rivets. You will need to cut the shield around the radiator hose to remove it from the car. This shroud will not be re-used
8. Remove plastic shroud in front of electric fan by removing the remaining plastic rivets. This shroud will not be re-user
9. Remove electric fan by removing the four 13mm nuts and disconnecting the electrical connector

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