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Magnum’s HID H3 Fog Light Install

October 20th, 2008 · No Comments

I decided to install HID’s in place of standard halogen bulbs for a little more light and I guess exterior looks. I won’t be able to see them much so I hope you other driver’s like them. Here’s the kit, a standard 35 watt HID nothing fancy conversion kit. The only extra I bought where some load resistor to clear up any “check fog light” errors I may receive.

Tools? Pretty easy stuff really, below if what I used. Your mileage may vary depending on how you plan on installing them. Here’s what I used:
- Screw driver
- Digital Multi-meter
- Drill with 7/8” boring bit
- 8 mm & 10 mm sockets
- T-50 Torx Bit for bumper cover bolts.
- Socket Wrench
- Silicone
- Heat Shrink
- Heat Gun
- Solder Iron & Solder
- HID conversion kit
- 2 load resistors
Let start by removing the fog light, insert your screw driver as shown and push in to release fog light. Have your other hand in front of the fog light because it may “pop” out.

Once fog light is out remove the main plug as shown:
Now you can move it to the work bench or where ever you plan to work on them. I first tested the lights and ballast so these pics are taken on a box. Release the fog light[s] back cover as shown:

Get pdf Magnum’s HID H3 Fog Light Install

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