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BMW Assist with Integrated Bluetooth

October 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

Information inside:
1. Starting with all model year 2005 vehicles equipped with BMW Assist (except E65/66 7 Series from 3/05) now has integrated Bluetooth capability. Currently, these vehicles will be arriving at your BMW Center with Bluetooth set to active. No retrofit coding is necessary in order to use this feature.
2. For E60/63/64 voice activation functions are exactly the same as with the CPT9000 telephone
3. For E46/E83/E85/E53 vehicles voice activation functions are not part of the TCU. A separate SES module can be installed. Refer to EPC.
4. For E60/63/64 vehicles produced from 3/04 to 8/04, Bluetooth functionality can be added to most of these vehicles by updating the vehicle software using CIP 13.2 or higher. After this is performed “Retrofit” of “Tel Bluetooth” needs to be performed. Follow the procedure as described in this Service Information for “Activating Bluetooth” and “Pairing the Handset”. Vehicles prior to 3/04 would need to have the TCU replaced with the 2005 MY TCU at the customer’s expense and the vehicle updated to CIP 13.2 or higher. Phone docking cradles may not be added to these vehicles because of wiring incompatibility. Note: This software update and retrofit is not covered under warranty and is at the customer’s expense.

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