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GSP9700 Series Vibration Control System

November 1st, 2008 · No Comments

The GSP9700 Series Vibration Control System is a wheel balancer with the added capabilities of measuring tire/wheel Road Force, Lateral Force, and wheel runout. The GSP9700 simulates a “road test”, with a unique “load roller” which applies up to 1400 pounds of force against the rotating assembly. The roller measures the loaded runout of the assembly (deflection while under load) and automatically recommends corrections when needed. The GSP9700 technology eliminates many of the time consuming, subjective, and often non-productive manual measurements previously used to diagnose and repair ride disturbance concerns. The operation of this diagnostic tool is discussed later in this manual.

This manual provides operation instructions and information required to operate the GSP9700. Read and become familiar with the contents of this manual prior to operating the GSP9700.

The owner of the GSP9700 is solely responsible for arranging technical training. The GSP9700 is to be operated only by a qualified trained technician. Maintaining records of personnel trained is solely the responsibility of the owner and management. “References”

This manual assumes that you are already familiar with the basics of tire balancing. The first section provides the basic information needed to operate the GSP9700. The following sections contain detailed information about equipment operation and procedures. “Italics” are used to refer to specific parts of this manual that provide additional information or explanation. For example, Refer to “Equipment Components,” page 9. These references should be read for additional information to the instructions being presented.

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