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MicroCommander 314 Actuator Installation Instructions

November 1st, 2008 · No Comments

The MicroCommander Control System provides single lever command of clutch and throttle from one to five remote stations. The control system operates from a 12 Volt DC negative ground power source and in a static condition draws only .4 amperes. The MicroCommander Control System will operate outboards, I/O’s and inboards, either gas or diesel powered.

The connection to the engine throttle and clutch is through standard Morse Type 33C push-pull cable (refer to the References Section).
• Throttle or clutch selector lever load should not exceed 40 lbs.
• The MicroCommander Control System requires a supply voltage of 11 to 16 volts DC. A low voltage can cause a control circuit reset or erratic action. For this reason avoid using a starting battery if possible. Make sure battery’s are properly charged.
• The 12 Volt DC power required is to be supplied through a 10 ampere, push button type, circuit breaker. (One for each Actuator) The circuit breaker is connected to the battery or battery isolator switch.
NOTE: The alternator MUST be connected directly to the battery or to an isolator switch that provides for an alternator field disconnect.

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