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November 1st, 2008 · No Comments

This tuning manual is designed to take all of the guesswork out of tuning your Commander 950. Holley is dedicated to providing products for our customers that not only outperform your expectations, but also are easy to install and tune.

NOTE: We highly recommend that you carefully read through all the manuals included with your system before installing and tuning your Commander 950 Fuel Injection System. This will eliminate many problem areas and wasted time. This manual covers only the wiring and tuning aspects of the Commander 950. The hardware installation manual (if included) will cover all aspects of the actual installation of the mechanical components (manifold, throttle bodies, etc.).

The Commander 950 systems are the most powerful fuel injection systems available today and are constructed from the highest quality components that have guided many racers to the winner’s circle. Holley’s race-winning heritage and technology is taken to the next step with our Commander 950 fuel injection systems. These systems are perfect for both street and full-blown race applications, yet are user friendly.

This controller will allow you to tune fuel delivery, spark timing, boost compensation, fuel pump control, cooling fan, idle quality, and much more. As sophisticated as this system is, this tuning manual will walk you through each step, giving you maximum power, driveability, and reliability out of your engine.
Chapter 1 of this manual consists of the terms and definitions of fuel injection management systems. This is a glossary of components that you will encounter during the installation and tuning of your Commander 950 fuel injection system.
Chapter 2 of this manual will focus on the fundamentals and theory behind electronic fuel injection (EFI). This is where you will learn about how and why fuel injection works.
Chapter 3 will focus on the skills required to install your Commander 950 system. This includes items such as: basic computer knowledge, limitations of the system, and general automotive knowledge.
Chapter 4 will focus on the tools required to install your Commander 950 system
Chapter 5 gives comprehensive instruction on the wiring installation of your Commander 950 system. This is a very comprehensive section and includes step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow in very simple terms.
Chapter 6 covers the software installation, software operational description, computer operation, and fuel map downloading.
Chapter 7 provides step-by-step instruction to get you through initial fire up.
Chapter 8 goes through the basic tuning of your Commander 950. This will include detailed instructions on tuning Speed Density systems.
Chapter 9 will cover the fine points of tuning required to realize optimal performance in Speed Density systems. This advanced tuning section will allow you to squeeze every last bit of power and driveability out of your vehicle.
Chapter 10 covers some basic fundamentals for Alpha N systems.
Chapter 11 covers the Datalogger functions


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