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Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey Jamboree Instructor’s Manual

November 1st, 2008 · No Comments

Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey seeks to inform parents, coaches and players of the values in developing a positive attitude toward healthy competition, co-operative teamwork, fair play and grace under pressure.

As instructors, Chevrolet and Hockey Canada depend on you to bring the message of Safe and Fun Hockey home to all of our parents. In today’s hockey climate, the importance of this message cannot be understated. This manual will serve as a reference piece for your instruction, with points, handy teaching tips, and even suggested answers to parental questions and concerns. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Hockey Canada.

The goal of Chevrolet Safe and Fun Hockey is not only to help develop fundamental hockey skills but to promote and develop the values of respect and responsibility in the game of hockey. Helping parents to effectively communicate the philosophy of a game that is truly “Safe and Fun” is the mandate of this manual. Co-written by Dr. K. Vern Stenlund, Professor of Education at the University of Windsor, Dr. Stenlund has over 30 years of hockey experience as a former NHL player, minor league coach, and now as a university educator.

Along with Dr. Stenlund, Chevrolet Safe and Fun Hockey is endorsed by some of the game’s greatest ambassadors. Safe and Fun Hockey has earned the support of Hall of Famers Bobby Orr and Mike Bossy. Joining Orr and Bossy in support of the program is Cassie Campbell of the Canadian Women’s National Team. Along with Chevrolet, they’re all committed to promoting the philosophies of Chevrolet Safe and Fun Hockey and the great game itself.

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